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B2B Sales Outsourcing Company in India

Sales Outsourcing Services in India

Brocus solutions offers sales outsourcing services in India. Sales are considered to be the important aspect of a business. It is like a backbone which enables to make, gain profits. Sales play an important role in a company. Due to this sales outsourcing services is important. Increase in the sales leads to increase in the revenue of the company. Sales are important to build trust between the customers and company. Brocus Solutions Company consists of professional experts who provide sales outsourced solutions and marketing for B2B customers.

Brocus solutions is considered to be among the top company of sales outsourcing services in India. A well known business model is used for achieving success. Sales outsourcing includes offline, online campaigns; lead generation, targeting, revenue growth; sales meeting and many other aspects are included in it.


  • Services are provided for startup companies which are provided with experts in sales outsourcing which promotes sales which are required for improvement in sales by having knowledge of important skills related to sales
  • Services are cost-effective, reasonable.
  • Sales outsourcing services is not limited to a specific geographical area but expanded around the borders and world.
  • Wide varieties of sales outsourcing strategies are provided like sales from targeted research, proposing to call pitching and close of it etc.
  • Providing of assistance to your sales agent for taking order, managing collection and identifying, managing the leads for tracking the visibility.


  1. Reduced resources
  2. Lack of know how
  3. Financial risks
  4. No local presence


  1. Providing of global infrastructure
  2. Expanded network of contacts
  3. Market and trade knowledge
  4. Cross-cultural experience is provided to customers.


It includes full sales outsourcing and specializes in one of the best sales services. The process is based on target sales, industry and market forces. Lead generation is made in online or offline mode, call center support is provided, sales meeting and closure is conducted.

Designing of all types of market communication is done by brocus solutions for increasing sales. Website is designed, brochure. E-mailers design, communication material is designed.


The complete sales management solutions are provided like-

  • CRM app and complete sales management solution for business requirements.
  • To manage sales force of any size within the comfort of your place.
  • To track the sales agent for managing their attendance.
  • To plan, manage and get the real time insights in aspects like field sales and marketing activities.
  • Providing of assistance to your sales agent for taking order, managing collection and identifying, managing the leads for tracking the visibility.

Avail brocus solutions sales services for direct sales, institutional sales, franchise sales, distribution network, digital sales, app sales, sales of software products and services, sales of wellness and health products etc. Our reliable, professional, efficient, experienced sales team is hired which gives assistance in any territory of India.


  • Recruiting of sales team
  • Training of sales team
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Daily MIS

Registration of your business can be done through sales outsourcing services. It enables to increase your sales by providing below listed services- for your business-

  • Recruitment of part time sales agent.
  • Access to sales agent tracking app for guaranteeing sales.
  • To select the kind of sales from B2B and B2C or both.
  • Working with all types of sales people like technology sales, door to door sales, sales manager, B2B sales etc.
  • One stop solution for all your sales issues like sales services, customer acquisition, solutions related to retention etc.
  • To select the sales force and track them at convenience of your place.
  • To select the type of sale services for your business or company.


Brocus solutions is one of the leading company which provides sales outsourcing services in India. It ensures robust and sustainable growth in the creation of new sales leads and closures which enables to focus on the important areas of the business. The B2B sales outsourcing company in India is pushing several companies in India and across the world to climb the ladder of success.