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Collection Outsourcing Services


Brocus solutions provide collection outsourcing services in India. The company provides leading professional phone answering services and is known for its dedicated, valuable and reliable services. Outbound and Inbound call centre services are provided for meeting the requirements of our customers. Best possible services are provided with latest, advanced equipments being used like routers, secured switches, lease line with back-up connection etc.

Highly professional, experienced and trained experts are hired for these collection outsourcing services. We have our own offshore call centers which assists in answering the call of your customers. An amazing experience is provided and customer loyalty is maintained. Rapid change in digitalization and changes in thinking of customers means to get it right to connect with the customer’s journey across the telephone, web, mobile and social media. Brocus solutions serves many organizations in sectors of insurance, healthcare, banking, financial services, manufacturing, consulting etc. Reliable, useful solutions are delivered by us to our customers. There is large scale operation of outsource phone answering services and brocus solutions provides accurate mix of budget and scale for its existing and new customers.



In this services, company contact your customers as representatives of your company and not as a third party collection agency. This services results in increase in number of customer contacts which results in improved collection and customer satisfaction. It consists of conducting live phone calls, letters, emails, voice broadcasts etc. The customized solutions are provided by our company for decreasing the outstanding A/R and maintaining the customer centered approach.

There are many benefits of this service that it is full customized for meeting your company’s requirements, credit policy will be implemented in a reliable manner, increase in retention and satisfaction of customers.


Low cost fee collection is guaranteed and this service is designed for retaining more and more customers and to increase the immediate cash flow. Brocus solutions offers flat fee collections services in India in which solutions are provided according to the need of the customers. The solution has an approach which is entirely different and from a new, unique perspective. The benefits of flat fee collection program includes lower cost which is less than 6% with no commission, Increase in the rate of recovery, increase in the cash flow as the payment goes in a direct way to you, helps in retaining more customers by solving their problems in a quick, fast manner, full control on your accounts for 24 hours through secure, safe web portal. Entering of new accounts is also possible from anywhere and anytime through the simple, safe web browser.


In this services of collections, company holds the integrity and diplomacy. Our highly trained, experienced collectors follow strictly the fair debt collection practices act, telephone consumer protection act which enables in reduction of complaints, helps in maintenance of the image and improves in chances of retaining the customers. Several payment options are provided which includes online payments mode, pay by phone or use the secure web payment portal for paying with personal credit cards or checks.


  • The customer’s account is assigned to an individual collector who uses his expertise, knowledge for solving the outstanding balance.
  • Third party representation available will get the customers paid now.
  • Accounts which can’t be resolved will be automatically credited report.
  • Verification of the assets.
  • Contigency collection costs can be decreased further through charging of low fee and to start the process of recovery through our flat free collections.


Brocus solutions provides one of the best offshore collection outsourcing services in India. They are consistent and professionally 24 hours call center support is provided. They have the team of skilled, experienced, trained project deliveries and collectors. The services of collection outsourcing has been successful, efficient in India and company has a proper knowledge, understanding of the business process of outsourcing industry. There has been increase in the customers by providing high quality of services of offshore collection outsourcing in India. This collection outsourcing services provided by brocus solutions helps to bring some improvement in your business potential.