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Brocus solutions provides customer support outsourcing services in India. These services enable to increase potential of market, increase in the base of customers, increase in profit returns. These all the advantages can be grabbed by your company by availing, investing simply in call center outsourcing. Customer support outsourcing services in India helps businesses to dramatic reduction in the operational cost, improvement in efficiency, managing of workforce in an effective and efficient manner. By partnering with Brocus solutions customer support outsourcing services in India can help your business find the accurate balance between the customer satisfaction, profitability and cost.

India is considered to be the most preferred country for customer support outsourcing services due to its cost which is low, fluent in English language, amazing communication skills, high quality of services provided etc. Small, large, medium businesses can benefit from this customer support outsourcing service in India. Structured call center processes steps are involved which includes evaluation, migration, operation, transition and reporting is followed


  • 1-Call centre services: It includes phone answering, cross selling, claims processing, information about products requests, order taking, medical answering etc.
  • 2- Outbound call center services: which include setting of appointment, direct mails follow-up, lead generation, toll free number available for customer support and surveys about customer satisfaction through our customer support services.
  • 3- Technical support services: includes technical support centers in IT help desk and proven its capabilities in strategic voice call centers in both offshore and inshore locations. High level of quality service is provided, quick, fast response, solutions to the problems results in happy, satisfied customers.
  • 4- Email support services: provided for technical, non technical products and services. E-mail is considered to be the primary means of data transmission between businesses and customers. Through e-mails customer’s queries are answered in a quick manner, it lowers call volumes and decreases the cost of voice support.
  • 5- Live chat support services: are provided by brocus solutions which offers cost- effective live chat support services in India. Through it, personalized customer services are provided for technical and non technical products and services.
  • 6- Online chat services: helps companies to communicate with their customers in an effective manner regarding their products and services in real time. Real time help is also provided by this service.


  • First is to tell your requirements about your project and then the smart, innovative ways are provided to customers for getting your project completed.
  • Second is to hire a team of experts, professional and experienced individuals who have the capability of handling a particular project.
  • Third is to get the project completed by providing team with various tools, help, and training. The use of favorite and reliable tools should be there for chatting, sharing files and collaborating on a particular project.
  • Fourth is to deliver the project by benchmarking the performance. The use of automatic testing and delivering the services on the desired, selected platform.
  • Customer support services also includes high quality of accuracy, support for several languages, virtual help for text and voice, fast and easy deployment and single POC for all the customers.


Brocus solutions company have worked for industries like healthcare, banking and financial, travel and transportation, global media and communications, sales and marketing, human resources, finance and accounting, customer relationship management and many more industries.


  • High quality of services and scalability is provided.
  • Reduction in cost of transaction.
  • Decrease in abandonment rates
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Solving of customer’s issues in a reliable, quick manner.
  • 24 hours customer support is provided.


Brocus solutions provides its customer support outsourcing services in a reliable, worthy manner with the use of latest tools, technology, infrastructure. Cutting edge customer support services are provided and professionals are given intensive training related to efficiency, accuracy in communication skills and conduct. Customized call center solutions are provided by the company. The brocus solutions company is among one of the leading company to provide customer support outsourcing services in India. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is guaranteed.