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About US

About Us

Brocus Solutions is a company which provides one of the best business outsourcing services in India. The team of professional and experts provide you with best possible customized and effective business outsourcing services. The company works by understanding its customer’s needs and working to increase the revenue of your business. To provide quality, reliable services is our main focus for achieving success.

A wide range of BPO services are provided by our company like call centre, customer care and technical support services which results in significant increase in productivity. Qualified and well trained professionals are there who have knowledge in several areas of business outsourcing processes and management. Various solutions are provided to solve the issue of business processes and fulfill the requirements of our customers. Services are provided in accordance to build a customer base and to provide reliable and effective services to our customers. The company also works towards providing SEO, marketing and support services.

SEO services enables to increase rank of your company’s website and Marketing services enables to increase your online presence on various social media platforms. Support services includes customer care and technical support services for providing on-demand support and solving issues of customers in a quick, fast manner.

The Mission

To inspire and accelerate the people connected with our organization by having a healthier and contented work environment. We help our customers to get the best of everything and to become successful by delivering the utmost products and services available.


Our vision is to have
the best of the
abilities, resources,
power and desire to provide
solutions to all connected with
us in our venture

Values of Brocus

1. Integrity
2. Customer focus
3. Excellence
4. Teamwork
5. Progress
6. Discipline