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Best BPO in Navi Mumbai | Brocus Solutions (BPO Company)

BPO services in India is fastest growing segment of ITES i.e. Information Technology Enabled Services Industry. Economy of scale, business risk mitigation, utilization improvement and superior competency has led to growth of BPO industry. The BPO services increase in India is due to cheap labor cost, India's huge pool of talent and English speaking professionals.

Brocussolutions is one of the leading providers of BPO services in Navi Mumbai to the administrative back-office functions of major companies. Our BPO company provides you the best customized and most cost-effective solutions to meet your unique business needs. Brocussolutions helps organizations in increasing your business by improving business processes and workflow. We being the best bpo in Navi Mumbai also provide SEO, Marketing and Support services.

Phone Number

+91-843 3771 532

Email Address

What We Offer

As Brocussolutions is the best BPO Company in Navi Mumbai, we offer a great range and quality of BPO services in India such as call center services, data entry services, finance, and accounting services, creative design, web design & development services, healthcare BPO, customer contact BPO, software development, research, and analysis services, and the list goes on.

When you outsource your business processes with Brocussolutions, you experience an increase in productivity, reduction in operational costs, and best customer service, and at the same time, get an advantage of gaining above the competition. By shifting your back-office operations to offshore destinations, you get the additional resources and time to focus on your primary business objectives. Brocussolutions fulfil all the requirements of our global clients and help them solve business processes by providing befitting BPO services in India.

Best BPO in Navi Mumbai
Top BPO in Navi Mumbai

Benefits of our Bpo Services

  • It helps to save time for businesses as handling of non-core business functions are done by Professional BPO companies such as customer support, technical support etc.
  • Flexibility and scalability as BPO enables to do more with less time and money in an efficient manner which leads to better growth potential and flexibility in the overall business.
  • Time zone advantage is there as BPO enables in greater coverage of international working hours.
  • Productivity of the business increases as these services focus on customer support and services can be provided with efficiency, speed.
  • Increase in the coverage of the business in a cost-effective manner and to various geographical locations.

BPO Services Provided By Us in India

We provide many services in India like

Search Engine Optimization

We provide digital support to our clients so that their websites rank higher on the search engines.

Social Media Marketing

We have a team of experienced and enthusiastic staff that helps you to increase your online presence.

Digital Development

We also develop high quality web and mobile apps that increase your business growth.

Technical support

We provide various types of technical support by our experienced staff.

Customer Support

We provide end to end customer source outsourcing, helping our clients in building a stronger communication channel with their customers.

Financial Services

We provides services for financial sectors.

Increase in Supply Chain

We help our clients to build agile and transparent supply chains of their business helping them easily navigate market volatility without any problem.

Customer Care Services

We provide a wide range of customer care services such as call management, call tracking, knowledge management, problem resolution, remote control, and integrated IT asset management capabilities.


Due to a significant experienced team which ensures to provide accurate business solutions which allow you to overcome the challenges being faced in your industry. One of the leading BPO Company which provides end to end business optimization services and ensures fulfillment of the various tasks on time. Quality standards are maintained which are able to fulfill all your business needs and add value to your business. Extensive knowledge of every industry and are backed by expert industry leaders which have the capability and well-established processes to fulfill the requirements of our customers.