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The outbound support service makes use of sophisticated communication technology and is handled by BROCUS’s state-of-the-art infrastructure. The facilities have been developed keeping in mind the telemarketing service needs, which greatly depends on such technologies for their smooth functioning.

Each and every call made from BROCUS is recorded for quality purpose. With our outstanding customer services and experienced staff, BROCUS turns its every Outbound Telemarketing project into a major success for our clients.

Companies across the world are referring to our outbound support services customized for telemarketing service needs of the clients. These services assure promising performance of profitable outbound campaigns. It is a healthy conglomeration of highly sophisticated software and team of enthusiastic telemarketing executives. We continuously monitor the calls made by our trained executives and no dirt is dished out when it comes to quality of calls made. This is the reason that every single outbound calling assignment executed by our employees is distinguished as a classic effort towards revenue generation. The tailor-made processes developed cover each and every minute telemarketing requirement of the client resulting into effective resource management.

Our Featured Services


We provide the best of corporate training to our clients base across the world remaining to our years of experience in Digital Marketing.

Customer Support

We turns its every Outbound Telemarketing project into a major success for our clients.

Support Services

We are an independent provider of on-demand support and not affiliated with any third party brand unless specified.

Types of Outbound Services

The outbound support services have been specially developed to properly handle the telemarketing needs and, therefore, include services like:

  • Telephone surveys
    A telephone survey is a popular methodology of gathering data by making cold calls to a targeted businesses group and taking inputs based on a formative questionnaire. Among all the other survey options, it is considered a better procedure for acquiring information. Qualitative and quantitative data is considered essential for conducting research surveys and data analysis in the overall performance of the organization. To formulate perfect data, BROCUS Global has implemented various standards according to which our executives function. BROCUS’s trained professional interviewers have generated accurate information and rendered lot of support to companies in building future business strategies.
  • Lead Generation
    Lead generation is a business terminology which includes acquiring the probable clients through interest creation. It is an art of winning the customers and fortifying the existing business. Companies run the gamut of lead generation programs like advertising and cold calls for accomplishing the set revenue targets. It provides the sales team with additional support in executing the assigned revenue targets. Through constant monitoring, practice, and discipline, BROCUS’s hold on this aspect is stronger than ever.
  • Appointment Fixing
    Fixing appointments is an art and only distinguished professionals have got forte in this field. Coordinating appointments with noteworthy clients is the key to smoother execution of any project or assignment. Appointment fixing provides lubrication in expanding and fortifying client relations. BROCUS has established a specialized unit which excels in fixing appointments with potential customers on behalf of the company’s sales team. For meeting the necessary requirements of the client, we have condensed theses responsible services in the most effective way.
  • Utilities Marketing
    The utilities marketing mechanism often face many technicalities in updating itself as per the process, cost, technology platform, and service. This is the point where BROCUS’s expertise pitches in to provide the necessary support.
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
    Direct marketing campaigns are another aspect of key outbound support services where we target huge revenue increments by making cold calls. It’s a deliberate, planned and systematic venture of BROCUS Global for performing marketing operations at a reasonable cost with convincing certitude. The campaigns encompass transactions between businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C). When marketing communication takes place between employees of different companies it is called B2B communication and when marketing communication takes place between executives and independent customers it is called B2C communication. It also provides support in generating a specific response from targeted groups of customers. Eventually, our customers have received manifold benefits of increased sales by regaining lost customers and exploring new markets.
  • Promotional Selling-Up Selling/Cross-Selling
    Promotional Selling-Up Selling/Cross Selling is the process of selling an additional product or service to an existing or new customer. It is one of the major aspects of a promotional mix consisting of sales promotion, advertising, personal selling, and publicity/public relations. It is via media solution between dropping costs while growing the overall efficiency of the organization. Under the expert guidance, BROCUS executives have set landmarks in performing successful promotional sales activities. Our executives are adept in up selling all types of products.
  • Data Cleansing
    Data Cleansing is another vital package of BROCUS which includes capturing /correcting records with telecall support BROCUS team immensely understands the importance of data quality which in turn facilitates better decision making apart from heightening the process efficiency. The data cleansing certifies that data framed is current, accurate, complete and readily prepared for future perusal. BROCUS’s data cleansing team classifies the data into a perfect order for better oversight, efficiency, and planning for the client. BROCUS’s core expertise resides in: Conducting data aggregation, organization, cleaning, etc. Enriching the existing data Eliminating duplication for effective planning.