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Back injuries are a common cause of job-related injuries in the United States. Activities that require repetitive motion or strain on the back, such as lifting and twisting, can cause sore muscles and back pain. Back injuries often occur during sports and other physical activities as well. Contact sports can especially stress your back. (Learn more about common back injuries.) Wearing a back brace can provide extra support to your lower back when participating in these activities and is the best way to prevent hurting your back. Back braces offer compression, which helps stabilize your back as you move around. Some individuals also wear back braces to help with posture and slouching.

While wearing a back brace, your spine will remain properly aligned while you remain sitting or even standing for long periods of time. While recovering from injury or surgery — If you’ve been injured, it is best to consult your doctor about when to wear a back brace

Kind of braces
Ankle, Knee, Back, head and Neck, Wrist and thump, Shoulder, foot and elbow.